Remove Tear Stains from Chihuahua’s Eyes


1. To remove set-in stains resulting from tears, I recommend using a water-based tear stain remover. Show Eyes from Drs Foster and Smith contains soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. You can apply the solution with a cloth or cotton ball and control the amount of solution you want to use. The pads are slightly more convenient. Be careful not to get the product in your dog’s eyes. Use consistently for several days to see results.


2. Once the tear stains are gone, you can use plain water and paper towel everyday to wipe away tears to prevent more tear stains, bacteria and debris buildup.

3. Since allergies is a common cause of excessive tearing, I recommend switching your dog’s food to Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken, which is a dry food made of lamb that is free of hormones and medications. The grains used are pesticide-free and not genetically modified. Regardless of tear stains, this is an excellent food for your chi. Solid gold never uses preservatives such as BHA, BHT or Ethoxyquin, and they never use soy, wheat or corn, which are common allergens in dog food. 



4. A “wonder supplement” that is recommended frequently for tear stains is Missing Link. Missing Link reintroduces natural, unprocessed food into your dog’s diet by providing essential fatty acids, enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. Dog owners have seen improvements in their dogs with bad breath, excessive tearing, shedding and coat dullness, lethargy and joint problems. If you have an older chi with arthritis or joint stiffness or you want to prevent these problems, Missing Link Plus contains glucosamine to provide extra joint support. Many cosmetic, health and behavior problems have root cause in nutrition, Missing Link is a holistic approach for a long-term solution.


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