Chihuahua Bad Breath


Useful Ingredients In Dental Treats:

  • Dog dental treats made with parsley seed oil helps minimize bad breath.
  • Treats that contain chlorophyllins, a semi-synthetic, water-soluble form of the plant pigment chlorophyll, work on your Chihuahua’s digestive system to neutralize mouth odors.
  • Pumice in treats helps to reduce the plaque that builds on teeth – a culprit of stinky breath.
  • Anise is another ingredient that has refreshing qualities for your Chihuahua’s breath.

Products That Fight Strong Bad Breath:

  • Dog breath treats that come with antibacterial and anti-plaque properties powerfully target the source of bad breath.
  • Refreshing dental rinses made with yucca extracts and mint oils help lessen digestive-tract odors. pour an ounce or two in your dog’s water bowl to freshen his mouth.
  • Specially formulated chews with bacteria-fighting ingredients and prebiotic elements work overtime. they help zap odorous plaque, while supporting the healthy bacteria in your Chihuahua’s stomach.

lovable chihuahua bad breath brush

Benefits of Natural Breath Remedies:

Natural supplements and freshening drops are available for controlling your Chihuahua’s bad breath:

  • Herbs: echinacea supplements can boost your Chihuahua’s immune system to help normalize mouth problems and odors.
  • Drops: mouth drops containing echinacea, neem bark, sage, myrrh and plantain leaves lessen bad breath.
  • Dog breath treats with all natural ingredients are healthy and low-fat snacks.
  • Treats infused with real dill and parsley are high in protein and assists in tartar removal.

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