October 2015


11 Things Chihuahua Owners Need

11 Things Chihuahua Owners Need 1) Patience Not just Chihuahua owners, but any dog owner needs a certain amount of patience to properly train them,…


Chihuahua Nail Trimming Guide

Trimming a Chihuahua’s Nails, or any dog’s nails for that matter is not an easy task. Dogs in general do not particularly like their paws…


What is a Blue Chihuahua?

What is a Blue Chihuahua? All Chihuahuas are special and unique in their own way, but blue Chihuahuas are best described as a Chihuahua puppy that is…

Chihuahua-puppy biter

How to Stop Your Chihuahua from Biting

Teaching your Chihuahua to stop biting requires consistency and hard work. Train your Chihuahua at a young age so that they learn early that biting…

chihuahua puppy teething

Chihuahua Teething

Chihuahua puppies are born without teeth with the first teeth appearing at the age of three to six weeks. There are a total of twenty-eight…


10 Facts About Chihuahuas

1. THEY HAIL FROM MEXICO. Chihuahuas are believed to be descendants of an ancient breed, the techichi. Toltecs in Mexico kept these pups as lap…